Quicksilver Honey

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Pt of Quicksilver Honey

Quicksilver Honey is a metallic honey created by Stingerspites of Chamon. It is often harvested by the Sylvaneth of Karaznethil to share with their Duardin companions.[1a][1b]


Quicksilver Honey is a toxic and dangerous substance that is infused with Chamonite, the Realmstone of the Realm of Chamon. It can cause extremities to grow numb, organs to transmute into other material, and severe loss of coordination, even temporarily turning an imbiber's body into metal in large doses.[1a][1b]

This makes the honey a potent poison. but it can also be used in a manner similar to Ironbark Oil. When used in small doses by mortals Quicksilver Honey can temporarily turn the imbiber's give the imbiber's skin a metallic sheen.[1b][2a]

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