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Purebone, or Truebone, is a common currency traded throughout the Realm of Shyish. It serves as a state currency, along with bones in general, of the Empire of Ossia and is harvested from healthy adult mortals that died in the prime of their life. Purebone is free of both taint and illness.[1a][3a]


Bones, human bones in particular, are an integral material within the Empire of Ossia serving as everything from the building material for its legions and structures to the state currency that drives what economy the nation has. Purebone, harvested only from those that died in peak health, in particular is highly valued.[1a][2a]

Exchange Rates

A medium-sized skeleton, or an equivalence in assorted bones, of Purebone is roughly equal to one Sphere of Aqua Ghyranis in value, whereas a whole limb of Purebone is roughly worth a Phial of Aqua Ghyranis, and a digit of Purebone, a finger or toe bone, is roughly worth the same as a Drop of Aqua Ghyranis.[1a]

These values can fluctuate wildly from place to place, especially in the Afterlives of Shyish, largely depending on the availability of bone, the proximity any given nation is to the Empire of Ossia, and other factors.[1a]

Other Uses

Ossiarch Bonereapers can use necromantic rituals to repair themselves using Purebone, this ritual requires the equivalent of a medium-sized skeleton's worth of Purebone.[1a]