Prophesiers' Guild

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The Prophesiers' Guild is one of the most powerful organizations within the Free City of Excelsis, as they are the only organization legally licensed to assay the auguries and Glimmerings mined from the Spear of Mallus.[1a][2b]

Facilities and Resources

  • The Guildhall of the Prophesiers' Guild is located in a central square at the heart of Excelsis's trade quarter.[1a] Within its halls the auguries pulled from the Spear of Shadows are assayed, using a variety of Collegiate-made aetheric devices and assaying machines, stored, and occasionally auctioned off.[2b][3a] Due to its incredible importance to Excelsis it is one of the most heavily defended facilities in the city.[1a]
  • Guild Prophesiers set up shops across the city where they assay and evaluate Glimmerings using aetheric devices. They are given a twenty percent commission for any glimmering of unique potency they bring to the guild's leadership.[2b]



The ranks of the guild are known to be divided into at least two groups, prophesiers and scribes. It is the prophesiers who are responsible for assaying, valuing, and evaluating every piece of prophecy and Glimmering within the city. Whereas the scribes keep the ledgers and records of the guild.[2a][2b]

The guild is led by a council known as the Convocation, whose members are called ministers. In addition to leading the affairs of the guild, are often called upon to evaluate unique augur stones brought to the attention of the guild.[2b]

There are also the Lords Obscurantist, who are high-ranking officials of the guild who work with the Convcation in some way.[2b]


Prophesiers of the guild wear gold-colored rune-stitched kaftans. Scribes and those hired to operate the aetheric devices of the guild wear similar kaftans.[2a][2c]

Known Members