Prismatic Palisade

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A Prismatic Palisade summoned in front of an army.

The Prismatic Palisade is an Hyshian endless spell that manifests as crystalline spars of pure light that have hardened into a barrier that emits blinding rays of Hysh.[1][2]


Enlightened wizards with the necessary insight and purity of mind can summon the Pristamatic Palisade which manifests as an unbreakable wall of pure Hyshian crystal from the ground that blinds all those who gaze upon it.[2]


Such is the intensity and purity of the light that blazes forth from the Prismatic Palisade that all must avert their gaze or be blinded, diminishing the skills of both masterful swordsmen and keen-eyed marksmen alike. Even arcane energy is refracted off the crystal barrier and occasionally its bright light is broken as the constituent spectral colours of magic spray outward in vivid flashes. While the crystals appear to be brittle at a glance in fact the palisade is indestructible and is immune to both physical and arcane attacks including the Ghal Maraz itself.[1]

Thus the Prismatic Palisade has a variety of tactical uses upon the battlefield. It can be cast into being to rob a charge of its momentum, slow down an unexpected flanking manoeuvre and block the path of enemies making them vulnerable to ambushes. This was used to great effect during the Goldgates Massacre when a Celestial Vindicators Lord-Arcanum cast the Prismatic Palisade to prevent a fleeing skaven army from escaping allowing the Stormcast Eternals bring Sigmar's justice upon the ratmen. The skaven have developed a fear of Prismatic Palisades while Chaos Daemons are burnt by the rays of Hysh. The Idoneth Deepkin also make frequent used of the barrier to slow down defenders so that Namarti Reavers can loose hails of arrows at them while the swift Akhelian Guard eel-mounted cavalry swim over the top of the crystal projections to attack the immobilized enemies.[1]

However the removal of a palisade is not easy as the light magic of Hysh is notoriously intricate and the minds of many wizards attempting to dispel such a work have become trapped inside the logic loops of the spell itself. On rare occasions, the banishment of the Prismatic Palisade has resulted in a shattering that leaves behind small quantities of pure aetherquartz which are used to forge blades and artefacts filled with brilliant and deadly illumination.[1]