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Prince of Crows is a Abhorrant Ghoul King who serves the Deathlord Tamra ven-Drak. [1]

Rikan the Handsome was a brother to Isa the “wise” and the son of Arek ven-Drak and who after his fathers imprisonment and his own transformation hid within the Wailing Peaks above and below the mandible. [1]


Arek was one of the six Broken Kings who had been bound in the dark with their armies by the will of Nagash after a failed war against him. [1a] Following their fall and the devastation of all the Rictus Clans, his two children were left to try and rebuild the Drak. Three years later Rikan disappeared with legends stating that tried to kill Nagash, in order to free his father’s spirit. [1b]

He still considers himself High-King of the Rictus last prince of the Sudden Reach and his court not composed of ghouls but stalwart men and women of old. [1b] Gazbrul ven-Wald a loyal and true servant remained with him through the transformation and beyond. [1c]

During the Age of Chaos, Rotbringers under the command of the Order of the Fly threatened to wipe out, enslave or transform the last of the Rictus clans who sought to make their last stand at the ancient fortress known as the Mandible. Neferata, Mortarch of Blood took the last living Voivode of the Drak to him in an attempt to enlist his assistance.[1b]

He and his many courtiers fought alongside the living and the dead and the blood knights that had accompanied Neferata. When the Rotbringers had been destroyed and Tamra ven-Drak had been transformed by Nagash, The Prince of Crows joined the Broken Kings in pledging his service to her. [1d]


You know your crimes, woman, even as I know mine. For them, I was left to make a kingdom here, in the dark, with the last of my father’s courtiers. We stand watch over our fathers and keep them still. Do not listen to her, Isa, It was her honeyed words which set our fathers on the road to ruin. It was she, the mistress of all lies, who pricked the ambition of the great kings and pitted them against Nagash. And all for what?

~ Prince of Crows to Neferata and Tamra.[1]


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