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Praetoris is the underworld of faithful guardians in the Ossiarch Empire in the Realm of Shyish.[1a][1b]


The continent is home to the Mortis Praetorians legion of Bonereapers and their mortal vassals. The glory of its necropolises are matched only by Gothizzar and Nagashizzar itself.[2a]


Praetoris is in the centre of the Ossiarch Empire and connects by land to Necros and Cadavaris in the south. Great bone bridges crafted by the Mortisans reach Lyria, Equuis Main, and Anadiria (via Dosch), connecting Praetoris directly to almost all of the Ossiarch Empire.[1c]

The continent's mountainous western Necrarch Coast faces Hallost and Lyria across the waters of the Nihilat Reach. The remainder of the continent - save the small mountain chains of Nightfire Spine in the northwest and the Ghodrine Peaks in the east - consists of the steppes of the Great Plains of Praetoris.[1c]


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