Plague Furnace

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A Plague Furnace.

The Plague Furnace is a warmachine of the Clans Pestilens, roaring with a droning hum of disease and rot and crewed by a trio of Plague Monks and a Plague Priest. The gargantuan censer of this warmachine swings back and forward. Within the censer are concoctions of unbelievable foulness douce with rancid warpstone and set aflame, releasing clouds of foul miasma that covers the land in a choking, repellent, putrescent, pervasive, roiling and vile fog.[1][2]

Those that do get too close to the Plague Furnace not only get affected by the Great Censer noxious gases, but also have to deal with its Rusty Wheels and Spikes. The noxious fumes also increase the devotion of all units of the Pestilens clans. The Plague Priest on its back that stands on top of the warmachine uses it to spread his Noxious Prayers.[2][3a]



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