Plague Censer Bearer

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A Plague Censer Bearer.

Plague Censer Bearer are the most deranged and fanatical Skaven worshippers of the Clans Pestilens that are armed with a Plague Censer, a flail with a spiked metal ball as a head, filled with various concoctions with burning warpstone incense and billowing noxious filth attached to the handle by a rusty chain. As the bearer fights with it, flailing it around with rabid fervour, it releases a cloud of poisonous gas that enshrouds them as well as infects those nearby with virulent contagion and corrodes metal. This infectious gas not only do not affect units of the Clans Pestilens and Nurgle's armies, but also inspires their fellow Plague Monks.[1][2a][3]

While Plague Monks are much more resistant to the effects of the noxious fumes even they will eventually dissolve and die. Thus only the most deluded or unfortunate find themselves armed with plague censers. Those afflicted with Rotgrubs or frothblight see it has a true blessing and the noxious fumes further intensifies their feverish hallucinations and strengthens their convictions. Many of them are also chosen unwillingly such as rising Plague Monks who are seen as future rivals by Plague Priests thay are knocked unconscious by gangs and chained to plague censers or captives and slaves of other clans given the choice between becoming a Censer Bearer or raw ingredients for the vile brews inside the Censer. However when the fumes take hold they driven into a killing frenzy and charge into enemy lines without any thought for their own safety.[3]



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