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Pitrikk was a Warlock Engineer of the Clans Skryre trapped on the Latchkey Isle. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Thieves' Paradise (novella)


The skaven was small and wiry in build, usually wearing a ragged black cloak with a spiked iron collar, his long scabby tail tipped with a blade. He had a staff of black wood tipped with barbed hooks and a warpstone crystal. [1a]


He managed to reach the Latchkey Isle but by the time Shevanya Arclis encountered him all of his minons were dead except for a pair of Stormfiends - one of which he would use as a steed and Pitrikk had been driven insane. [1a]

Despite their deaths, he still kept his minions caged and spoke to them, threatened them and punished them as if they were alive. His presence was discovered by the Guardians of the Isle, Mysanta‎‎ and Theadicles‎‎ who displaced him to another part of the isle before he could kill the aelf. [1a]

Following the plan of Shevanya, Jacques vil Granciere‎ later led him to the Stormvault at the heart of the island where he engaged in a duel with the ancient necromancer Valagharr. He would loose both the duel and his life there. [1b]


Silence! Pitrikk is working, fool-scum. Cease your whimpering, Scablig, or I will put the lightning to you again, hear-hear? And you, Rikkit, do you think I do not hear-smell you plotting against me? Fool-fool. Do you not know what happens when you anger me?



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