Piter Fitzroy

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Piter Fitzroy was the commander of Fitzroy's Fusilers, a Freeguild of Black Eyrie named after him.[1]


Piter Fitzroy was ever a scrawny, malnourished citizen of the outskirts of the Free City of Black Eyrie, even well into his old age. He was always prone to antagonising those around him, both mortal and Eternal and consumed by a righteous rage. This latter quality would eventually lead him to falling to Chaos and becoming an Ungor.[1]


Age of Sigmar

Piter Fitzroy was a Reclaimed of the Free City of Black Eyrie who spent much of his life fleeing from Orruks and Beastmen before joining the city's Freeguilds. He would rise up the ranks to command his own guild, form an unlikely friendship with Heldane of the Tempest Lords, and grow to be an embittered old man.[1]

At the battle of the Thorn Mile he turned his Helblaster Volley Guns on his allies, betraying them for Chaos, and attempted to aid Beastmen, who he had allied with, in attacking Black Eyrie unawares and with much of its defenders slain. His plan was thwarted by Heldane and Mhairi of Black Eyrie's rangers.[1]