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Pit Fighting, or Gladiatorial Combat, is a blood sport popular all across the Mortal Realms. Typically it involves armed combatants competing in brutal combat in designated arenas, these bouts are often to the death.[1b][2a][3b]


Organized Pit Fighting Among the Agents of Chaos

Organized fighting pits are known to exist all across the Eightpoints, where they are largely overseen by Ogroid Myrmidons, as well as within the Varanspire itself.[3b] Skaraggos Split-Eye holds the title of Grand Pitmaster in the Eightpoints, a title bestowed on the being by Archaon, giving them authority over every fighting pit and arena in the subrealm.[3a]

The Blades of Khorne revel in blood sports such as pit fighting. So it is unsurprising that in cities dedicated to the Blood God, such as Skulpile, denizens gather at large fighting pits to watch brutal duels fought in the honor of their god.[7a]

Organized Pit Fighting Among the Harbingers of Destruction

The Alfrostuns dig special fighting pits, called Whelping Pits, to raise Mournfang pups. The pits ensure the pups grow to be as savage as possible as they fight among each other over carcasses and screaming captives.[10a] They have also been known to organize fighting pits in which they force captives to fight beasts and members of the tribe.[11a]

Organized Pit Fighting Among the Sentinels of Order

Pit Fighting is a well-known pastime of the Daughters of Khaine, who dedicate the bloody bouts to the Bloody-Handed God. Fighting pits are found within many of the citadels and temple-cities dedicated to Khaine[2a]

Fighting pits, gladiatorial arenas, and fighting arenas are known to exist in the Free Cities of the Dominion of Sigmar. Such establishes operate under license. There are many fighting pits and arenas dedicated to Khaine within Sigmar's city, existing at the God-King's grudging acquiescence as part of the alliance between the cities and Khainites.[7a][8a][9b]

Beasts and monsters are sold to the owners of fighting pits and gladiatorial arenas within the Cities of Sigmar by members of the Scourge Privateers. Though they often leave the dangerous task of transporting the creatures to the arenas to others.[7a]

In the Lodges of the Fyreslayers the holiday known as Heirborn Day, held every time a new Runeson or Runedaughter is born, part of the festivities include ceremonial gladiatorial games known as the Trials of Grimfyre. Participants compete to become Hearthguard Berzerkers of the heir's future retinue.[12a]

Illegal Pit Fighting

Despite forms of pit fighting and gladiatorial combat being legal in the Cities of Sigmar. there appears to be a booming industry of illegal pit fighting and tournaments in the cities. Such illegal enterprises have been organized by the Daughters of Khaine, private citizens, criminal organizations like the Blackscale Coil, and even secret Chaos Cults.[2a][2b][4a][6a][7a]

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