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Clan Phrikk is one of the many skaven clans in the Clans Skryre. [1a]

Their primary stronghold burrow is beneath the Ventruscan Hills in the Realm of Aqshy. From there they send out scavenge covens to release poison wind into enemy strongholds and pick over the battlefield remnants searching for every scrap of technology and metal that they can find. Within the warrens of the clan are great mountains of detritus that slave gangs search constantly, killing each other for choice pieces to gain favour with the warlocks. [1c]


Working with Clan Virulox, they develop strange new plague engines to aid that clan in their war with Clan Septik. [1a]

Arch-Warlock Shoktail is offered a portion of the machinery and technology in the lost war-burrow beneath Mausol by Lord Hakkrit of Clan Fang in exchange for his forces assistance in overthrowing the city of bone. [1b]


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