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Pharus Thaum was a Lord-Castellant of the Gravewalkers Chamber, of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost who became a servant of Nagash. [1a]


Like all Stormcast he was invariably to be found clad in blessed sigmarite, whilst his rank meant he carried a halberd and warding lantern. Unlike most, a bag of apples often hung from his belt - one of the few pleasures he allowed himself as a reminder of better times. He was accompanied by his gryph-hound, Grip. [1a]

When transformed by Nagash his appearance was very different: His armour bore the heraldry of a long-vanished city-state of Realm of Shyish whilst a stylised hourglass occupied the centre of his chest-plate. Crossed scythes were engraved into the backs of his gauntlets, and heavy chains draped his shoulders and torso like a sash. His helmet was shaped as a skull, surmounted by large curving antlers of bone, the cheek-guards swept back into bat-wing shapes. Thick robes, stained with grave matter, cloaked his limbs and lower body but when his concentration failed both seemed no more substantial than smoke.[1e]


Shortly after his reforging he was devoured by a megalofin – a creature he had never seen before, he survived the experience to fight on. [1a]

For a decade before the Time of Tribulations his primary duty was to guard the Ten Thousand Tombs in the city of Glymmsforge. In the course of his duties he killed the mother of Elya who had become a Nighthaunt, afterwards the girl often sought him out, even at the heart of his labyrinth.[1a]

He fell in battle against Nighthaunts in the labyrinth below Glymmsforge,[1c] his soul returning to the Sigmarabulum to be reforged in the midst of the Necroquake. Something went wrong and his soul rebelled against the process, becoming a lightning-gheist and falling into the void, down to the Realm of Shyish.[1b] where he was noticed and claimed by Nagash.[1c]

He was given into the charge of Arkhan, the Mortarch of Sacrament who summoned the Daughters of the Underworld to armour him in an ancient relic.[1c]


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