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Name Description Notes
Blistrevous, the Living Cyst A sentient pustule that whispers mad ravings into it's host, driving them into a fevered frenzy. It jumps from host to host.
Liber Bubonicus A foul book inscribed with clandestine lores of corrupt magics and the secrets of every pestilence in the mortal realms. Anyone that carries this book can use Pestilent Prayers and allows Plague Priest to use it twice in a row.
The Fumigatous A ornate censor whose cloud of pungent toxins seek out the target whose name is being spoken while being swung.
Brooding Blade A filth-encrusted dagger that creates dozens of plague-bearing rats inside anybody it wounds. These rats burrow outward spreading disease to those nearby.
Bilious Bell A bell whose peal sends waves of crippling nausea to those within earshot. As it grows louder it causes its victims to vomit spouts of curdled ichor.
Vexler's Shroud A cowl laced with delicate shards of warpstone. It casts an impenerable shadow over it wearer and those that look upon it are consumed by the plague of darkness.

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