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The Penultiman Outriders are a light cavalry regiment of the Arbitrium Freeguilds.[1a][1b]


Age of Sigmar

The Penultiman Outriders were once a famed regiment, before the Free City of Arbitrium was annexed by the Empire of Ossia. During these early days they were still a regiment of mounted gun regiment that used repeating handguns and blunderbusses.[1d]

The Bone Tithe levied on the Free City of Arbitrium by the Empire of Ossia drastically changed that, as it demanded a single hand from every citizen within the city. As such generations of Penultiman Outriders have been forced to take up pistols, as these can be wielded with one hand, rather than heavier guns their ancestors wielded.[1d]

Thirty-six years before the Free City of Arbitrium's failed rebellion against the Ossiarch Bonereapers, a young Nestira Suthura and many thousands of children were dragged to pay the Bone Tithe to the tithe collectors of the Empire of Ossia. This event would come to define Nestira's life, as her brother Seben Suthura was slain during that generation's tithe. Shortly afterward Nestira joined the Penultiman Outriders.[1a][1b]

Nestira Suthura would rise through the ranks of the Freeguilds, becoming Captain of the Penultiman Outriders and then eventually Margrave, the overall commander of all twelve of the city's Freeguilds. After she ascended she placed her protege and lieutenant Vagren Hath as Captain of the Regiment.[1b][1c]

During the uprising the Outriders were meant to play a major part in Nestira's plan, circling around the Bonereaper army to flank them. Unfortunately they were ambushed by the forces of Liege-Kavalos Heraklis, their plans betrayed by the bound soul of the city's first Landgrave Etred Ridark. The bulk of the Outriders were slain and the survivors broke, fleeing to the north.[1e][1f]


Before the annexation by the Empire of Ossia the Penultiman Outriders were a famed cavalry regiment who wielded blunderbusses and repeating handguns to good effect.[1d] The Penultiman Baise breed of horse was used by a number of the regiment's members.[1c]

After they were annexed they became a light cavalry regiment of Freeguild Pistoliers out of necessity. The regiment is comprised of at least two hundred horsemen and their horses, divided into twenty units. They wield pistols, which can be reloaded by the one-handed citizens of Arbitrium even if it is a somewhat difficult process.[1d]

Notable Members

  • Nestira Suthura: Margrave and commander of the Arbitrium Freeguilds, who earned her spurs in the Penultiman Outriders.[1b]
  • Vagren Hath: Captain of the Penultiman Outriders. He was second-in-command to Nestira Suthura during her tenure as the Margrave of the Freeguilds.[1b][1c]
    • Silensa: Captain Vagren Hath's loyal steed. She is a grullo Penultiman Baise, a breed of racing horse.[1c]


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