Pauldrons of Living Flame

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Pauldrons of Living Flame are stone pauldrons made from primordial Emberstone mined from the depths of the Shimmering Abyss.[1a]


Pauldrons of Living Flame are made by Hallowheart masons from the raw, primordial Emberstone ore dug up from the depths of the Shimmering Abyss. Flickering red-orange light can be seen within the cracks of such craggy pauldrons, and those that wear them claim they can hear whispering voices trying to provoke or enrage them.[1a]

Magical Properties

When the wearer of a set of Pauldrons of Living Flame suffers a grievous wound the pauldrons light up and emit a burst of flames all around their wearer.[1a]


Pauldrons of Living Flame can be strapped onto many different types of heavy and medium weight armour.[1a]