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The Slaves to Darkness seek to attract the notice of the Dark Gods through performing great deeds in battle. To court the Eye of the Gods is perilous, yet those who prove worthy are made might indeed. Those who set out on the Path to Glory risk being cursed to an existence as Chaos Spawn or potentially see themselves rise to Daemon Princedom.[1a][2]


Every follower of Chaos, from the lowliest Marauder tribesman to the mightiest Chaos Lord, seeks to walk what is known as the Path to Glory. Though they may worship the Chaos Gods in a variety of different forms and guises, they principles of this metaphysical path are always the same: by pleasing the Ruinous Powers through acts of escalating slaughter and ruination, it is possible for a warrior to receive their boons and perhaps even higher glory. As a champion progresses along this path they will be granted mighty weapons and infernal servants, their dark charisma and legends of their bloody deeds drawing the service of more warbands. Nevertheless, most champions will fail to ascend the heights of glory. The luckiest are simply slain in battle, but those less fortunate will be unable to bear the uncaring 'gifts' of the gods and devolve into wretched Chaos Spawn. Only the rarest few are able to achieve the ultimate reward - apotheosis, rebirth as one of the immortal Daemon Princes.[3b]


As a champion of Chaos follows the Path to Glory under the Eye of the Gods, they will gain in rank prior to ascending to Daemon Princehood, generally in this order:[2]


Potential "rewards", whether a blessing or curse, include:

  • Spawndom: Unable to bear the strain of so many 'gifts', a Chaos Champion's body is twisted into a new and hideous form.[1a]
  • Slaughterer's Strength: The champion's body swells with daemonic energies, their blows sundering even the most formidable armour.[1a]
  • Murderous Mutation: The champion is provided a mutation, whether a sharp horn or lashing tentacle, that proves most useful in the press of melee.[1a]
  • Iron Flesh: The champion's skin warps into living metal, blunting all but the mightiest blows.[1a]
  • Flames of Chaos: The champion is surrounded by a corona of multihued flame that devours hostile arcane energies.[1a]
  • Unholy Resilience: Fortified by the dark power of Chaos, the champion becomes almost immune to pain.[1a]
  • Daemonic Legions: The champion's deeds draw the daemons of their god to the battlefield.[1a]
  • Quicksilver Reflexes: Slaanesh graces the champion with inhuman reactions, making it possible to avoid otherwise fatal blows.[2]
  • Regeneration: Nurgle grants the champion the power to endure all but the most fatal injuries.[2]
  • Third Eye: Tzeentch gifts the champion foresight.[2]
  • Weapon Limb: Khorne blesses the champion with a deadly new means to deliver death to their enemies.[2]
  • Dark Apotheosis: The champion, having repeatedly excelled themselves in the eyes of their patron god, is bestowed the dark glory of daemonhood.[1a]


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