Pantheon (short story)

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Pantheon cover.jpg
Author(s) Guy Haley
Cover Artist Mark Holmes
Released 2016
ISBN 978-1-78572-287-5

Pantheon is a short story by Guy Haley. It describes a meeting in the Age of Sigmar between Alarielle, goddess of life and Sigmar in Highheim, once the parliment of the Gods .[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Pantheon (short story)

Atop Mount Celestian, Sigmar gazes down on the Mortal Realms watching the new conflict he has set ablaze across them, he awaits the coming of the goddess Alarielle, whose friendship he once had but lost. Reluctantly she sends a projection, mindful of previous disagreements between them but also acknowledging his recent aid against the forces of Nurgle in her own Realm of Ghyran.[1]

Although they have forged a martial alliance against Chaos, Sigmar asks for a different kind of aid - for her to give the mortals of the realms a reason to live and a counterpoint to the offers of immortality that Chaos lay before its followers. To this end he tells her the tale of the mage Sanasay Bayla who sought the purpose of his own life, travelling through the various realms and meeting the gods of the anceint pantheon as he does so. On that long quest he discovers that what he has left behind is worth more than he finds.[1]


I wish you to invest in them a love of all that is natural and alive, to appreciate its power and fecundity. If they learn to follow the rhythm of life’s wondrous patterns, fewer of them will be tempted to fear its end. There always will be those who are incapable of fellow feeling, or whose greed outmatches their empathy, Many others can be saved by you.

'~Sigmar to Alarielle.[1]



Alos published in the Black Library celebration anthoology 2018