Palmer's Creek

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Palmer's Creek was a minor Strongpoint located in the Mirkmere Swamps located to the south-east of Amberstone Watch, the largest frontier settlement of the Free City of Excelsis.[1a][1b]


Age of Sigmar

Sometime after the Siege of Excelsis this settlement, Junivatown, and Dezraedsville ceased communications with the Free City of Excelsis. The inhabitants of the settlements, nearly a thousand in all, vanishing without a trace. A Freeguild company commanded by Captain Holger Beck was sent to investigate.[1a]

After the disappearance of Holger Beck and his company, Knight-Relictor Actinus of the Taranite Chamber was sent to find the whereabouts of the lost Freeguilders and citizens, reports from hunters who plied their trade in the region claimed all the settlements were empty.[1b] When Actinus and his forces came across Palmer's Creek they had found it completely deserted.[1c]

The settlers of Palmer's Creek, and those of its peers, were cleared out by Orruks of the Kruleboyz strain, who used them for their twisted amusement. These same Orruks were also responsible for capturing Captain Beck's company and the garrison of Fort Harrow.[1c] Of all of these only fifty mortals were recovered from Fort Harrow, and many would not survive the trek home.[1d]


Palmer's Creek was comprised largely of hovels and huts with matted roofs.[1d] The settlement also boasted a temple to Sigmar and a trading post.[1c]


Palmer's Creek was a minor settlement of only a few hundred citizens before its fall. Like many settlements around Excelsis it was founded by a Dawnbringer Crusade.[1a][1b]