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Palento Herst was an author who wrote about many aspects of the cultures of the Realm of Shyish[1]


Herst was a scholar and gentleman whose name was (he claimed) known from the salons of Glymmsforge to the academies of Hammerhal.[2a] In his writings he notably portrayed the Katophrane rulers of the city of Shadespire as merchant adventurers who were both benevolent and struck down by fate.[1d]


Age of Sigmar

The caravan in which he was travelling was ambushed by beastmen led by Ghosteater who burst in upon him whilst he was still writing. Herst held him at bay for a few moments with his pistol until he finished and then set it down with a smile and the words Aren't you a fine beast. Ghosteater was intrigued by his lack of fear and devoured the body to claim his soul. [2c]

The old man's spirit remained silent until the Corvine Gate was opened and the forces of Azyr sought to reclaim Caddow, then he became a source of much useful advice for the albino Beastlord.[2]

Known Works

  • Groves of Stone: A book of the natures of cities and their people.[2e]
  • History of Greater Lyria: A book on the history of the Underworld of Lyria.[3a]
  • Shadespire: The Apogee: A book on the early history of Shadespire. Part of a three-volume exculpation.[1a]
  • Shadespire: The Rise to Empire: A history book detailing Shadespire's rise to power. Part of a three-volume exculpation.[1b]
  • Shadespire: The Last Days: A history book about the last days of Shadespire before it was cursed by Nagash. Part of a three-volume exculpation.[1d]
  • The Architecture of Southern Shyish: A book discussing architecture of the nations of eastern Shyish, such as Caddow.[2b]
  • The Architecture of Southern Shyish: A book discussing architecture of the nations of southern Shyish.[1c]
  • The Corvine Gate and Other Edifices: A book on the history and architecture of Caddow.[2a]
  • The Night Paths: This book details the bridges that lead to Nekroheim.[2d]


Yes.....but why? The first lesson a scholar must learn is to always ask...why?

~ Herst to Ghosteater.[2c]

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