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Palento Herst was an author who wrote about many aspects of the Realm of Shyish[1]

Herst was a scholar and gentleman whose name was (he claimed) known from the salons of Glymmsforge to the academies of Hammerhal.[2a] He notably portrayed the Katophrane rulers of the city of Shadespire as merchant adventurers who were both benevolent and struck down by fate. [1d]


The caravan in which he was travelling was ambushed by beastmen led by Ghosteater who burst in upon him whilst he was still writing. Herst held him at bay for a few moments with his pistol until he finished and then set it down with a smile and the words Aren't you a fine beast. Ghosteater was intrigued by his lack of fear and devoured the body to claim his soul. [2b]

The old man's spirit remained silent until the Corvine Gate was opened and the forces of Azyr sought to reclaim Caddow, then he became a source of much useful advice for the albino Beastlord.[2]

Known Works

  • The Architecture of Southern Shyish,[1c]
  • Shadespire: The Apogee by Palento Herst.[1a]
  • Shadespire: The Rise to Empire., [1b]
  • Shadespire: The Last Days. [1d]
  • The Corvine Gate and Other Edifices.[2a]


Yes.....but why? The first lesson a scholar must learn is to always ask...why?

~ Herst to Ghosteater.[2b]

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