Palem Bok

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Palem Bok is a human bookseller and a spy for Queen Neferata [1]


Tall and nondescript but with features that appear to be all sharp angles. Although his clothes are grey hued, they are of an expensive cut, tailored to his lean form. Usually holstered beneath his arm is a slim, multi-chambered flintlock pistol of duardin manufacture, whilst a blade is hidden up his sleeve. [1]


He had grown up as a feral orphan hunting rats in the alleys of Hammerhal and although he knew his parents had been soldiers of the Freeguild, he did not remember them. As he grew older, he became a killer of men but this was not his only skill for he could balance a ledger and slit a throat with equal ease. Having a gift for sums and words, as well as blades. He taught himself to read and write in his leaky lean-to, among the rubbish and vermin. [1]

As he grew older he moved to live in above his little book shop in Greywater Fastness and was not sure how he had come to Neferata’s attentions – perhaps those he had sent to the Realm of Shyish had spoken of him to her. The Queen of Mysteries pays well, better than the old criminal masters and all she asks him in return are regular reports on the activities of certain individuals or on occasion the acquisition of rare texts or artefacts. [1]

His employer tasked him with visiting The Magpie’s Nest to acquire an artefact, which turned out to be Charu, the Soul-Lash – one of the infamous Eight Lamentations. In the ensuing conflict that erupted around the powerful weapon, the building burnt down but he acquired not only the artefact but also a new assistant, Shayl, a Aelf killer that had been employed as a door guard. [1]

He also found time to write Idle Reminiscences of the Book Trade. [2]

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