Palace of Slaanesh

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The Palace of Pleasure.

The Palace of Slaanesh is the seat of power of the Dark Prince in the Realm of Chaos. In it one will find decadence and luxury beyond imagining.[1a]


It is located at the center of the concentric Six Circles at the heart of Slaanesh's Domain, seen from the Circle of Indolency as a shimmering palace in the distance. To reach it one must pass through all six rings to reach it, an act of will beyond most souls.[1a]


An impossibly tall fortress, with archways, built on top of slender and twisted pillar of rock. It's living towers entwine between themselves like a nest of serpents in congress.[1a] The palace is so striking that it haunts the dreams and nightmares of all those how look upon it.[2]


  • Temple of Twisted Mirrors: A great toroidal hall that surround Slaanesh's inner sactum, and was once Slaanesh's favoured place of introspection. Every surface of this temple has a mirror hung on it, that reflect one another until the point of infinity, distorting the image of the viewer in every conceivable way, showing every shade between angelic purity and their darkest possible incarnations. If a mortal gazes upon one of these mirrors they will see themselves reflected to the point of fractal dissolution as they witness and infinite iterations of their selves, and become a screaming mirage trapped within.[1a]
  • Great Halls: The palace contains six great halls where every excess occurs - one hall for each of the six seductions of Slaanesh. The excesses within the halls drive the practitioners beyond pleasure and into a depth of exquisite torment that only the most devoted of Slaanesh can endure[2], though it is said that the events are lacking due to their absence of their patron.[3]
  • Inner Sanctums: The sanctums and throne rooms deeper than the temple are empty of anything but the musk of orgies past, where once they were lushly appointed and filled with echoing screams. The ruler of this palace is gone and only a garrison of his most loyal retainers waits for his return.[1a]


Daemonettes serve in the palace as courtiers and torturers.[1b]


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