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The furious beat of a Warchanter driving a horde of Orruk Brutes to violence.

Warchanters are the wild-eyed Orruk heralds of the Ironjawz warclans. They are rabble-rousers and the crazed followers of Gorkamorka that use their stikks to create beats that calls out to the brutal minds of the Ironjawz and resonates with the boundless and febrile energy of the Waaagh!.[1][2a][2b][3][4]


Every good Megaboss has one or several Warchanters in their Warclan and it is unclear if the Megaboss is attracted to the beat of the Warchanter or if the Warchanter is attracted by the thrumming Waaagh! energy of a big boss. Due to the mystical nature of the beat that its influence reaches even beyond earshot and the thumping can be heard by Warclans even if they are leagues away, making Warchanters extremely valuable for Megabosses who are trying to replace casualties and grow their warclans.[4]


The violent rhythm that constantly pounds in their ears drives them to use anything they can to smash out the beat, be it their hitting stikks, bits of mangled iron, enemy skulls or even their fists thumping the faces of their victims whose screams are added to the beat as well. Hordes of already belligerent orruks stamp their feet and bash their choppas on their armour to the time of the beat in a horrifying display, as impressive as it is noisy. This drumbeat of Waaagh! energies surges forth to the concussive tempo, until the Ironjawz are wound up and ready to charge to battle in a frenzy of violence.[1][2a][3][4]


Warchanters carry two large stikks called a Gorkstikk and a Morkstikk which are used to smash out rhythms on the the skulls of enemies, through they usually carry a Choppa on their belts. They are covered in armour, horns and glyphs.[2a][2b][3]



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