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A miniature of an Boy Boss.

Orruk Mobs or Boyz are infantry of the Greenskinz armies. These Orruks charge forward waving their choppas and roaring their battle-lust.[1]

They are led into battle by an Orruk Boss and are supported by a Waaagh! Drummer and a Standard Bearer. The larger these mobs are the more dangerous they become.[1][2]


The Orruks are armed with Pigstikka Spears and Choppas paired with Waaagh! Shields, while some are armed with pairs of Choppas. A few units can instead use Orruk Bows and use Cuttas in melee.[1][2]

Standard Bearers can be equipped with a Orruk Banner, that increases bravery in the unit, or a Skull Icon, that stops members of the unit from fleeing with a thump.[2]



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