Orgam Kor

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Orgam Kor is a temple-complex in Droost in the Realm of Chamon[1]


The Khans build the awe-inspiring High Temple to Sigmar to thank him for protecting them from Chaos and to humble those who saw it. [1a]


  • Humans
    • Devoted of Sigmar
      • Azyrian Eye: An Augur in the servic of the temple - her eyes having been cast through the Stormflame. [1b]
      • Leukron: A Wizard, mystic and alchemist in the service of the Temple, his daughter was a Witch Hunter, Esselt. [1b]
      • Crautreic of Wolfmoor: High Priest of the temple, Protector of the Faith, Steward of Sigmar's Glory, Stormson, Defender of the Sacred and Herald of the Azyr Gate. all save the Great Khan bow to his will. [1b]
    • Order of Azyr
      • Bruel: Grandmaster of the order,the seal of his office is the Dragon and the Hammer. [1a]
      • Vladimir Gregor Ludovich: Keeper of the Brotherhood, he was a thief and assassin before taking his vow. [1a]


  • Bath houses: Located next to the river, those serving the Great temple are large and made with limestone blocks with towering columns holding up the high roofs. The walls are decorated with frescos of peace and plenty and each has three pools - two with cool river water and the third being heated by great furnaces. They are normally open from dawn to dusk. [1a]
  • Temples: All the gods of the Pantheon are represented as well as minor gods of love, war, honour, toil, harvest and the river. [1a]
    • The truely vast High Temple to Sigmar God King is the size of a small city and dominates the other temples, its doorway guarded by giant stone statues in the semblance of Stormcast Eternals leaning on their unsheathed swords. Above the two steel-oak doors, themselves sixty feet in height and ornamented with a lapis lazuli twin tailed comet is a immense relief of a warhammer. Huge stained glass windows depict the battles of Sigmar in the Age of Myth, whilst the walls and floors are made from marble veined with gold. Such is its size that there are entire districts within it.[1a]
    • The Gardens of Alarielle
    • A cathedral to the river-god Manarchael has its entranceway paved with crushed sapphires. [1a]
    • A towering temple to Dracothion is topped by a great statue of the dragon. [1a]
  • Tombs: There are huge basalt stone tombs covered in white marble – the resting places of royalty – the Khans. From their roofs flutter banners that proclaim the deeds of each dead warlord whilst giant statues of the interned gaurd their doors. [1a]


  • The High Temple is guarded by the Griffonguard, holy templars clad in jade encrusted plate armour. [1c]