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The Most Suppurating and Blightsome Order of the Fly, more commonly known as the Order of the Fly is a knightly order dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle in the Realm of Ghyran[1][4]

Their home is known to the servants of Order as the Blighted Duchies. The order is similarly known as fallen knights, indeed Sir Roggen of the Order of the Furrow calls them Monsters and fools in service to daemons. He does also note that that they retain elements of their ancient honour.[1]

Core beliefs

One of the central tenets is Clarity. This they see as Nurgle’s gift to his chosen so that they may see the world as it is, stripped bare of desire and hope, leaving only a beautiful despair. The members of the Order are thus able to find comfort in surrender, joy even love in acceptance, at the heart of all endings, and finally serenity at the end of all things. It is this serenity which they seek to impart to what they call the ignorant and the savage. [5b]


Age of Chaos

They held one of the Eight Lamentations Lifebiter as a sacred artefact but this was lost when one of their order attempted to destroy the Writhing Weald. [1]

With the Herald of Nurgle, Dolorous Gurm, Blightmaster Wolgus led a crusade, through the Ithilian Gate into the Realm of Shyish to bring the crrupted life of Nurgle to the land of the dead. Nagash himself rose against them and the crusade was destroyed.[5]

Age of Sigmar

In the Age of Sigmar, Sir Feculus attempted to reclaim both the axe and the body of his kinsman.[1]

They continued to hold onto their domains following the Necroquake and launched new Pox-Crusades in the name of their lord. [7a]

At the Varanspire they competed with the Silver Knights in a tournament that moved through eight circles of the fortress city, the Fly defeating the Silver Knights several times before they reached the Fifth, which was also a victory for the followers of Nurgle. [8a]

Members of the Order competed in the Black Tourney held in the Allpoints, that pitted the greatest Chaos Knights in the realms against one another.[9a]

Members of the Order

Their greatest strength is their knights who ride powerful mutated and tainted steeds and who are often accompanied by lesser Rotbringers serving as armsmen.[1] These are often well trained, dress in hauberks made from toad-dragon hide and carry wide iron-rimmed shields as well as festering blades and spears. [5b] To become a full knight a squire must quest through the gardens of Nurgle.[4] Each must quest for and taste the sour syrup of the Flyblown Chalice carried by the Lady of Cankerwall herself. Only then may they take the seven times seventy-seven oaths to the King of All Flies. [5b]




The King of All Flies rules all things – not just sickness. But I have little interest in theological debate. Let us settle this argument in the way of true knights – with blood and steel. To the winner, the spoils

~ Sir Feculus to Sir Roggen.[1]


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