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The Order of the Eye is an organization comprised of mages, engineers, and various observers whose duties it is to watch over Tempest's Eye and guard it against both external and internal threats.[1a]


Through the use of various surveillance tools, including orreries and observatories, the mages, engineers, and observers of the Order of the Eye keep watch over the Free City of Tempest's Eye, protecting it from threats both internal and external.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Though the majority of the Order of the Eye's members are honest and honorable, but some have abused their positions to gain wealth and influence. Such as when a ring of around a dozen blackmailers formed within the order, changing the positions of four telescopes of one of the city's orrerries on the city itself to spy on its citizens and blackmail them.[1a]

Through this scheme they gained wealth and power, three members even gaining high positions on the Grand Conclave of Tempest's Eye. Eventually one of their victims, Gunter Langbeen, who was driven into bankruptcy by their blackmail, snapped and went on a series of revenge killings against members of the order. With the aid of a group of Soulbound Gunter was captured and the ring of blackmailers revealed.[1a]


The Order of the Eye is comprised mostly of seers and oracles, mages that practice Celestial Magic, and engineers tasked with maintaining the orreries, observatories, and other surveilance tools of the city.[1a]

The organization also has Freeguild elements within it.[1a]

Known Members