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Order of Final Rest is a monastic order of Soulblight vampires, also known as the Restful Brothers and number in the seventy seven. They refrain from drinking blood except for the tithe brought to them by pilgrims - descendants of those they had saved in the city of Morrsend. To focus their minds and help resist the blood-lust they contemplate the Corpse-Geometries. [1]

The Temple of the Order is in the ruins of Sepulchre in the Blood Wastes.[1]


The vampires fought for the city of Morrsend in the Age of Chaos and following this successful defence retreated to the Temple of Final Rest in the Blood Wastes.[1]

In the Age of Sigmar after an attack on the pilgrims and then the temple itself by followers of Khorne, they drank the blood of the interlopers and transformed into Varghulfs, slaughtering them and chasing the survivors into the desert. The Pilgrims led by Gerot and Aisha remained at the temple to tend to them when they returned.[1]

Known Brothers


Morrsend owes a debt of blood to the seventy-seven Restful Brothers My Lord. In the time after the coming of Chaos, when the ground and sky were in upheaval, they defended our people from the enemies of man. They fought and bled in our name. Now they fight no more. And so we watch over them, as they watched over us. The dead hold their honour sacred. Can the living do any less?

~Gerot to Tarsus Bull-Heart.[1]


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