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Olfren was a Freeguild sergeant, who served in the garrison of Harthaven.[1]


Age of Sigmar

During the undead attack to the town of Harthaven, after the garrison was overrun he managed to lead the survivors into the town's building and the retreat into the town hall together with his men. He ordered his surviving men, amongst them swordsman Dhenns and handgunner Lanslo, to hold the door while he observed the situation through a small gap and thought of a plan. He saw the survivor being preyed one by one by spectral horsemen, dragging snared and screaming souls behind them as Deadwalker banged on the doors. Then he saw the Anvils of Heldenhammer arrive by lighting and start destroying the undead, but the hordes had come in overwhelming numbers and one by one the Stormcast Eternals were killed and sent back to the Realm of Azyr. The last surviving stormcast, the leader was killed by a horde of ghasts under the command of a enormous hunched ghast festooned with manacles and chains, but instead of going to Azyr, Olfren saw the stormcast soul flying into a heavy padlock held by the ghast. All the things that the sergeant saw drove him mad, but he and his men did not live long after that.[1]


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