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This is an article for the version of Khazalid spoken by the Duardin of the Khazalid Empire, for the language still spoken in the Age of Sigmar see Modern Khazalid
Khazalid Runes

Khazalid, also known as Old Khazalid or the Old Tongue, was the language of the Khazalid Empire.[1a][6a][7] Many of the Dispossessed clans have long forgotten much of this ancestral language and instead speak dialects descended from it.[1a]


Old Khazalid uses runic Klinkerhun letters. One known example of this runic script is a letter that bears a passing resemblance to two mountains stacked on their sides.[1a]


Age of Myth

Old Khazalid was the most prominently used language and script of the Khazalid Empires.[1a]

Age of Chaos

Those Duardin who have enough sense to leave their doomed Karaks behind and flee to the sky or to Azyr lose much of their lore and history. Eventually, even the tongues they speak become distinct from one another, though most Duardin seem to still speak some manner of Modern Khazalid as well as their own distinct languages.[1a][2a][3a][3b]

Age of Sigmar

By the time Sigmar's Tempest has broken across the Mortal Realms and Dispossessed return to retake their ancestral homes, most of those who spoke the old tongue have long since passed and many of the living generations never knew it.[1a]

Related Languages

The many dialects and forms of both Modern Khazalid and Kharadrid descend from this ancestral language.[1a][4][5a]

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