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Pict Ogroid Thaumaturge.jpg
An Ogroid Thaumaturge.
Grand alliance Chaos
Destruction (formerly)
Associated factions Disciples of Tzeentch
Slaves to Darkness
Tzeentch Arcanites
Type Mortal

Ogroids, also known as Goroa, are a race of Chaos worshippers. Once they were part of the hordes of Destruction, but became embroiled in a war against Gorkamorka. While this is not surprising, as the Twin-Headed God has forever relished violence, the ogroids were too proud to accept defeat and turned to Chaos for the strength to triumph which offended Gorkamorka and as a result orruks, ogors and even grots in their thousands strove to annihilate the ogroids. The remaining Ogorids were forced to flee into the most Chaos-tainted lands to survive. [1a]


Age of Myth

Though the ogroids appear as monsters, they were once a cultured race originally hailing from the hinterlands of Ghur. In time they elevated themselves from that land's primal bedrock to found an advanced civilisation. Their kind was once called Goroa, a proud tradition that fought at the vanguard of Gorkamorka's armies. The task of destroying the largest and most dangerous predators of Ghur was viewed as laudable, and something that would help them found their own stable empire. Unfortuneately, stability is not something that Gorkamorka and his greenskinned masses could embrace, and if anything they did everything in their power to disrupt it. The Goroa's efforts to build a lasting empire were perpetually undermined by the orruks that made up the vast majority of the Gorkamorkan host, with many greenskinned hooligans smashing or defacing the works of craftsmanship that the ogroid race had raised.[2a]

The Goroan leaders attempted to seal allegiances between themselves and their orruk equivalents by gifting balanced blades enchanged by each clan's thaumaturgists. Unfortuneately, such gifts were in practice mainly used to stir cauldrons, prop up awnings and swat away snotlings as they were used in combat. Worse still were the ogors that fell into Gorkamorka worship in the form of the Gulping God. Obsessed with their guts, yet physically with much the same structure as the Goroa, the two were often mistaken for cousins, so much so that the Goroa were often called ogors or ogroids by those smaller than them. This greatly irked the Goroa who saw ogor-kind as loutish oafs with only the most perfunctory civilisation. Worse still were those times the Goroa were mistaken for bullgors, whose long horns and muscle-bound physique they shared, for those unreasoning, snorting monsters epitomised everything the Goroa feared they truly were. For a time the Goroa found some measure of peace in a culture of constant conflict, and raised great enclaves of their own in the wilderness.[2a]

However, the tense accord between the Goroans and the rest of Gorkamorka's savage hordes finally snapped when, towards the end of the Age of Myth, the Goroan capital-city of High Progrexia was sacked by rampaging Bonesplitterz of Waaagh! Krumpa as they lost themselves to the savage energy of the Waaagh! and could not differentiate ally from foe. Most of the Goroan citizens were away on compaign at the time, though even as the Goroan young fought tooth and nail for their holdings, the orruk horde sacked and burned the the jewel of the foundling Goroan Empire. The Sack of Progrexia forever drew a wedge between the Goroans and their primal greenskin allies.[2a]

Age of Chaos

With the wedge driven between the forces of Destruction, the influence of the Dark Gods was not far behind. It was Archaon who first came to the Goroans and priomised them a new way of living: a place to call their own, far away from the source of the unthinking greenskin races, where they could fashion their civilisation anew - a land that would later become the Eightpoints. Though they had their own suspicions that all was not well, they respected the Everchosen as a might leader whose authority would not be questions. With his declaring their lands sovereign, there would be no collateral damage or assaults on their new homeland. In exchange, the militant cast know Theridons would fight for Archaon's cause, no matter what that might be. It was a deal the Goroans made readily, for they were warriors born - even of them who sought the learnings of the arcane. By this time, they felt nothing but hatred for their former allies in the armies of Destruction that were overrunning Ghur. From that day forth the ogroid race swore fealty to Chaos - its Myrmidons and Theridons serving the Everchosen as guardians of the Varanspire, whilse the thaumaturgical wizards studied the dark arts under this arcane visiers, the Gaunt Summoners.[2a]


Despite their appearance they are more than simple brutes with some becoming mystic Ogroid Thaumaturges, but the majority follow the path of the Myrmidon that devote themselves to the art of combat. [1a]



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