Ogroid Myrmidon

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An Ogroid Myrmidon.

Ogroid Myrmidons are members of the Ogroid race devoted themselves to the art of combat and fight alongside the armies of Slaves to Darkness.


While they lack the mystical abilities of the Ogroid Thaumaturges they are able to wield their weapons with breath-taking skill and often serve as masters of the fighting pits of the Eightpoints and those who excel under their gaze often go on to achieve great glory. Thus the warbands of the Eightpoints congregate around them to impress them with their own skills.[1a][2a]

Like other Ogroids, each wound inflicted on a Myrmidon drives its anger further, forcing it into a berserk state. Should it come to it they can use their great horns in combat. Regardless of their lack of magic skills, they have blood-red glowing, magical runes carved into their skins that empower their blows with arcane fury.[2a]


Ogroid Myrmidons wield spiked shields and heavy Gladiator Spears, which can be used as both a melee or a ranged weapon. [1a][2a]

Mark of Chaos

Ogroid Myrmidons can have the following Marks of Chaos:



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