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Pict Ogroid Thaumaturge.jpg
An Ogroid Thaumaturge.
Grand alliance Chaos
Destruction (formerly)
Associated factions Disciples of Tzeentch
Slaves to Darkness
Tzeentch Arcanites
Type Mortal

Ogroids are a mysterious race of Chaos worshippers. Once they were part of the hordes of Destruction, but became embroiled in a war against Gorkamorka. While this is not surprising, as the Twin-Headed God has forever relished violence, the ogroids were too proud to accept defeat and turned to Chaos for the strength to triumph which offended Gorkamorka and as a result orruks, ogors and even grots in their thousands strove to annihilate the ogroids. The remaining Ogorids were forced to flee into the most Chaos-tainted lands to survive. [1a]

Despite their appearance they are more than simple brutes with some becoming mystic Ogroid Thaumaturges, but the majority follow the path of the Myrmidon that devote themselves to the art of combat. [1a]



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