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Ogorspeak, or Basic Ogorspeak, is a common language of the Ogors of the Mortal Realms.[1a][2a][3a]


Though Ogors are known to speak a number of languages, such as Svoringar the ancestral tongues of the Alfrostuns, Ogorspeak is the common tongue most readily used whenever myriad tribes are gathered together and wish to communicate, even when all the gathered tribes belong to the same Mawtribe.[1a][2a]

Gutbuster Warglutts are known to employ Ogorspeak extensively throughout their daily lives and many among the Greenskin races, particular Orruks, have learned to speak the language as well.[2a]

Though many Beastclaw Raiders of the Alfrostuns will use their Svoringar names publicly, it is not uncommon for others to instead take on Ogorspeak exonyms whenever they interact with non-Beastclaw Ogors or other races.[3a]