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A Butcher and a Glutton fighting a Chaos Warrior.

Butchers are the mysterious clergy of the Gulping God, who are regarded with awe and fear by their fellow ogors. They are wizards and prophets both, channelling their deity’s ravenous hunger into gruesome displays of magical might and divining the swiftest route to bounteous hunting grounds by studying the blood and entrails of their victims. In battle, their strange powers manifest in a variety of hideous ways. Butchers can send allies and foes alike into a frenzied bloodlust, shower the enemy with a deluge of boiling fat, or cause thick metal armour to crumble apart as if it had been dissolved in bubbling stomach acid.[1a]

Butchers are chosen at a young age for unqiue traits such as unusual girth, maw-shaped birthmarks on their hide or because they display a strange tendency to season the flesh of slain crèche-mates before devouring them. When it is decided that the Gulping God has selected a particular ogor for this hallowed duty, they will be presented to one of the warglutt’s existing Butchers who trains the recruit in the art of gastromancy for many years. [1a]


Magic and religion both play important roles in Ogor society with the preparation and consumption of meat having great spiritual significance. By consuming vast quantities of food, the warglutt strengthens its connection to the Great Beast that Consumes the Realms and its members grow strong and virile. It is the meatmasters’ task to ensure that their flock feeds well and appeases the wrathful hunger of Gorkamorka by constantly stuffing their mouths with food. [1a]

The Butchers are also responsible for interpreting the will of their god and to guide their tribe along the Mawpath. Butchers perform gory rituals with the entrails of slaughtered prey. By gnawing upon blood-slick innards, they enter a form of trance-like communion with their deity which lasts for hours. No matter how strange or seemingly illogical a Butcher’s epiphanic advice is, their word is always followed without question. [1a]

When in battle they wade through the battle armed with either a Cleaver or a Tenderiser, lopping off limbs and scooping up handfuls of brains and offal and tucking them into their aprons. Channelling the gastromantic magic of their deity, Butchers can even cause the very earth to come alive and munch upon their foes.[1a][2]


Slaughtermasters are Butchers who have lived long enough for their already swollen frame to grow to truly obscene proportions and are regarded as living embodiments of the Gulping God’s insatiable appetite and are the highest ranking meatmasters as well as acting as their Tyrant’s personal chef and most trusted advisor. [1a]

Slaughtermasters are entirely obsessed with the carving of raw flesh to the point some even hack off their own limbs and replace them with hooks and cleaving blades. They often drag their own cooking pots into battle, these revered vessels are formed of thrice-digested metals, beaten into shape by Gnoblars according to the Slaughtermaster’s exacting instructions and then attached to the Slaughtermaster’s flesh by hooked chains. While the Slaughtermaster cuts through the enemies, his Gnoblar attendants catch the body parts to dump them into the cauldron and feed their master. For Gnoblars this position ensures a steady supply of food although trying to feed the snapping maw of an Ogor has its risks.[1a]

The content of the pot of a Slaughtermaster is reserved only for himself and his tyrant and any ogor foolish enough to try and sneak a mouthful is likely to find their own most precious body parts cut off and added to the gloop. They prize flavours that would prove lethal to all but the most resilient of ogors and in some cases the cook himself may fall victim to an explosive indigestion.[1a]


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