Of Blood and Guts (short story)

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Of Blood and Guts
Of Blood and Guts.jpg
Author(s) Gary Kloster
Released October 2023

Of Blood and Guts is a short story by Gary Kloster.[1]

Cover Description

The Mortal Realms is the epic setting of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, in which heroes, gods and monsters clash upon fantastical battlefields. Dive into this world of thrilling adventure and deadly peril, where champions of the God-King Sigmar fight to defend mortalkind against soul-hungering daemons, undead horrors, and hordes of war-crazed brutes.[1]

Get into the mindsets of an ogor mercenary and a powerful vampire as these two warriors and their forces meet in brutal combat.[1]

Before the fall of Anvilgard, a Tzeentchian host comes to blows with an army of Soulblight undead in the steaming jungles near the city. Groz, an ogor mercenary in service to the Chaos horde, and Isana, a malcontented vampire, each wish to escape the coming slaughter and forge their own destiny – but, as the pair clash in the thick of battle, only one will likely be left alive.[1]