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Nyoka Su’al’gohl is a war-priestess of Sigmar, a member of the Vurmite Order - The Order of the Worm. [1]


A young woman clad in thick robes which have coiling, worm-like sigils on the hem and scale armour with heavy, ridged gauntlets. The hammer symbol of Sigmar is etched onto every scale of her armour. She is pale skinned as the folk of Shu'gohl are and her hair is long almost white with silver bells threaded through it which chime as she moves. Her smile has been noted as being a strange thing, at once innocent and wise. [1]


A devoted member of the Order, she survived the purges of Lector Calva who had been sent by the Grand Theogonist herself to see to the reorganization of the Order of the Worm following the cities liberation by the Stormcast Eternals.[1]

She has considerable authority with the other priests and acolytes in the Crawling City, although she chooses her moments to challenge the actions of Calva carefully, like others in her order preferring to wait him out rather than damage the alliance.[1]

Guided by her god, she choose to aid the agents of Grungni seeking the Eight Lamentations, leaving her home city in the quest.[1]


She is a skilled warrior, naturally preferring the Warhammer in combat and has some protection from sorcery and Daemons through her faith. [1]


Calm in manner and softly, but firmly spoken, Nyoka is a contrast to many of the more fanatical of the war-priests of Sigmar. [1]


Worry is for those who lack faith. My faith guides me in all things. That Sahg’mahr does not speak, does not mean that he does not show me the way. Even when the realms were sealed away from one another and caught in the chains of Chaos, he was with us. We have but to listen, and hold fast to our faith. I carry the hammer in his name, and proudly. I have made grist of his enemies, for the mills of heaven

~Nyoka to Owain Volker.[1]


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