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Nurgle 01.jpg
Titles Father of Plagues[1a]
Fly Lord[5a]
King of Entropy[7a]
Lord of All Things[4a]
Lord of Decay
Lord of Disease[1b]
Lord of Pestilences
Plague God[1c]
Plague Lord[4c]
Domains Contagions[1a]
Physical corruption
Type Elemental deity
Chaos God
Status Active
Aspects King of All Flies[6a]
Mother Mort[6a]

Rusting Patriarch[6a]

Home Manse of Nurgle
Relatives Khorne (brother)
Slaanesh (brother)
Tzeentch (brother)
7 unknown siblings
Dexcessa (nephew)
Synessa (nephew)
Affiliation Chaos
Followers Daemons of Nurgle
Nurgle Rotbringers
Tamurkhan's Horde
Adjectives Nurglite

Nurgle is one of the Gods of Chaos and presides over physical corruption, morbidity, diseases and contagions. He concocts foul contagions that he inflicts upon the mortal world, and is deeply fascinated by its results. Nurgle's power is less stable than that of it's brothers and although he is no necessarily weaker he is ranked behind Khorne and Tzeentch. His strength is much like a plague, quickly growing in power like an epidemia, surpassing that of the other gods, before consuming itself again and waning.[1a]

His greed is such that he wanted all of the Mortal Realms for himself, attracted by the bountiful life that lives there. But he coveted the Realm of Ghyran above all others.[1c]

Whenever Nurgle is extremely furious his booming words will ripple across the cosmos causing unsettled stomachs and troubling bowels.[3]


Entering the Mortal Realms

Nurgle, like the other Dark Gods, was unable to send is agents to the Mortal Realms at first due to the purity of their magic and the ignorance of its natives about the Gods of Chaos. He first gained access when the Warlocks of the Seven Mulch in the Realm of Ghyran brewed a cauldron of pox and used it to poison the lands of their rivals, so they could boast having the biggest harvest. This made Nurgle chuckle fondly.[4b]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos, both Tzeentch and Nurgle claimed short periods of ascendancy and, while Tzeentch was worried that Khorne's dominion was lasting too long, Nurgle was unconcerned. He knew his time was coming and could already feel his might returning. Behind the mighty hordes of Khorne tendrils of contagion and contamination spread, creating rot within the defenders who still defied Chaos. These pockets of resistance of grew increasingly more desperate, diseased and decayed, while the minion lurked across the mortal realms, except for the Celestial Realm.[1c]

But it was the Realm of Life that attracted his attention and where his plague legions ravaged for centuries. Three different spearheads, each one led by a champion of Nurgle, attacked this realm at all times, competing for supremacy and contaminating all they touched in search of Alarielle. The nations of Mankind in Ghyran were destroyed, cities died of plague and it's people were slaughtered, enslaved or converted into their cause. The once beautiful landscape and the cycle of life of Ghyran was corrupted into it's most loathsome forms.[1c]

Times of Tribulations

While concocting a plague in his cauldron, he felt something strange with the broth. He tasted it and felt the bland taste of ashes and lifeless dust, as the cauldron's surface turned into a landscape of dunes with marching skeletons removed from the cycle of life and death that Nurgle favoured by a force of undeath and stasis. The cauldron's rim, fashioned from a snake eating it's own tail vomited itself, spilling the concoction all over the floor of his mansion. Nurgle in a fit of panic tried to keep the brooth inside and shoved the tail back in serpent's mouth. This portent left Nurgle indignant, anguish turning to fury as he saw that that vision predicted that his children would be taken away forever.[3]


His maw is ulcerated and has many lesser mouths that cover his bulk. When the mortal realms are tormented by plagues Nurgle swells like a blood-bloated tick. During these events his leathery skin stretches so wide that not even the smallest of Nurglings can nestle inside him. Yet when diseases weaken, the god shrinks into a ragged mass, covered in flaps of haggard skin, swinging and rippling with every step.[1c] He has blighted lungs that flap in a long-rotted chest everytime he breaths deeply. His brows are like mountain ranges, covered in hillock pimples that squirt pus whenever they furrow. His lips are ravaged and rubbery with a long black tongue he uses to taste his concoctions. He has vast flabby hands and a mountainous gut.[3]

Aspects and Alternate names

There are many ways by which Nurgle is worshipped by the Slaves to Darkness, those tribes and nations that turned to worshipping Chaos. Just a few of these alternate names and aspects of the primordial plague god are:

  • King of All Flies: A primordial god of the cycle of life and death, as well as a deity of decay.[6a]
  • Mother Mort: The kindly Mother Mort is worshipped among the tribes that are spread out across the Ghyranite Kingdom of Erosia. As is common with most aspects of Nurgle, this goddess gifts come in the form of rot, decay, and an inevitable end. It is through her patronage that the Slaves to Darkness of Erosia have survived.((Fn|6a}}
  • Neiglen: A primordial god of the cycle of life and death, as well as a deity of decay.[4a][6a]
  • Onogal: A primordial god of the cycle of life and death, as well as a deity of decay.[4a][6a]
  • Rusting Patriarch: A primordial god of the cycle of life and death, as well as a deity of decay.[6a]

Nurgle's Forces

Nurgle's Rotbringers

For more information see: Nurgle Rotbringers.

Nurgle's gaze is drawn to mortals bloated with disease and he unashamedly favours those who spread disease in his name, revelling in the results of their actions.[1a] Many of his mortal followers come from nations destroyed by his legions, either corrupted by the promises of powers or the chance of surviving the poxes that his influence spreads.[1c]

Daemons of Nurgle

For more information see: Daemons of Nurgle.

See Also

For Nurgle in the World-that-was see: Nurgle.


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