Nurgle Rotbringers Armoury

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Nurgle Rotbringers Armoury

Artefacts of Contagion

Rotbringer Heroes can be gifted with one of these powerful magical items or weapons.

Artefacts of Contagion
Name Description Notes
Flesh Pealer A cursed bell from Festerswamp that can turn a nearby enemy unit to slime.
Muttergrub A bloated daemon maggot that dwells within the hero's ear, boosting their magical power or granting them limited powers if they are not a wazard.
Rustfang A battle-axe cloaked with intelligent corrosion, which can erode the strongest armour.
The Bileheart Golggous the Bitter transformed a sylvaneth soulpod into a organ that is implanted in the hero's chest and which strikes out at those that hurt the hero.
The Fecund Flask A murky glass bottle which holds an infinite expanse of befouled water which can heal the hero or if they have displeased Nurgle, slay him or her.
The Splitthorn Helm A antler of a Great Unclean One that has been transformed into a helm that cna protect the wearer from the most powerful attack.


Name Wielder Notes
Blighted Weapons Putrid Blightkings, Blightlord, Pusgoyle Blightlords,
Bubotic Hammer Lord of Blights
Festerspike Lord of Afflictions
Fleshreaper Scythe Morbidex Twiceborn
Harvestman's Scythe Bloab Rotspawned
Munificent Bounty Death's Heads Lord of Blights Missile weapon
Otto's Poison-slick Scythe Glotkin
Plague-ridden Great Blade Lord of Plagues
Plague Scythe Harbinger of Decay
Plague Staff Festus the Leechlord
Rot-pocked Axe Gutrot Spume
Rotwood Staff Sorcerer
Thricce-ripened Death's Heads Lord of Blights Missile weapon

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