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Nightskins are bits of cured leather used as legal tender by many mortal inhabitants of the Realm of Ulgu. The currency is backed by the shadowstone of the treasure vaults of the Free City of Greyspire.[1a]


Nightskins act as a representative currency used instead of shadowstone, the fickle Realmstone of Ulgu which has a habit of changing forms and disguising itself, making it difficult for anyone without witch-sight to trade with it. So nightskins have found widespread use by mortals and establishments throughout the Realm of Shadows, particularly in Greyspire and Misthåvn.[1a]

When business and duty brings Stormcast Eternals to Misthåvn, it is not unknown for them to buy for supplies, information, and leisure activities using nightskins.[1a]

A single nightskin can buy a warm bed and a meal in some establishments in the Free City of Misthåvn.[1a]

Exchange Rates

As a representative currency Nightskins can be, supposedly, taken to the Free City of Greyspire and exchanged for small quantities of shadowstone from the city's treasure vaults.[1a]