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Artefacts and Weapons utilised by the Nighthaunt faction.


Name Description Notes
Cloak of the Waxing Moon This dark, wispy folded garment causes enemy weapon to lose their weapons and turn ethereal as the cloak.
Pendant of the Fell Wind A dark trinket that carries its wearer into battle with gusts of suffocating air. A chill gale blows behind the wearer.
Dreadbolt Ring A ring that devours souls, growing more ravenous with gouts of lashing green flame, with each soul its feed.
Midnight Tome A cursed grimoire that can only be read by the lifeless, turning them into wizards. It has pitch-black pages.
Lightshard of the Harvest Moon A baleful light that fills the battlefield with an eerie glow. This lights readies the enemy for the reaping.
Covetous Familiar A spiteful poltergeist that protect its master by lashing out at any other soul that draws too close.

Weapons of Power
Name Description Notes
Shadow's Edge It is impossible to tell if this even blade is corporeal or mere shadow, yet it's touch tears through flesh and blood with ease.
Reaper of Sorrows This phantasmal blade harvests emotion, hewing life-force but leaving its victims unharmed save for a horrified rictus.
Balefire Blade This blade is alright with the burning souls of sacrificed prophets and seers who dared challenge the wielder’s authority.
Slitter Forged from the shivs and cut-throat razors of a thousand serial killers, this dagger is murder made manifest.
Headsman’s Judgement This weapon has gained in power from the innumerable condemned souls it has sent screaming into the afterlife.
Shrieking Blade This blade emits an unnerving, mournful howl that only exacerbates the horrifying nature of the wielder.

Infernal Lanterns
Name Description Notes
Lightshard of the Harvest Moon Once released, this lantern's baleful light fills the battlefield with an eerie glow, readying the enemy for reaping.
Wychlight Lantern This lantern bears an otherworldy incense that billows from it, merging woth the spectral form of the bearer and granting them grat power.
Beacon of Nagashizzar The Malignant amd intense light of Nagashizzar burns from within this fell lantern.


Name Wielder
Chill Blade Guardian of Souls
Chill Dagger Myrmourn Banshee, Tomb Banshee
Death Knell Grimghast Reaper
Decapitating Greataxe Lord Executioner
Dreadblade Dreadblade Harrows
Ghastflails Chainghasts
Hunter's Glaive Glaivewraith Stalkers
Malignant Weapon Chainrasp Horde
Phantasmal Torture Krulghast Cruciator
Reaper Scythe Cairn Wraith, Black Coach
Scythed Limbs Dreadscythe Harridan
Shacklegheist Chains Spirit Torment
Slasher Scythe Grimghast Reapers
Soulreach Grasp Black Coach
Spectral Claws and Daggers Black Coach Relic Bearers, Spirit Hosts
Spectral Scythe Hexwraiths, Cairn Wraith
Sword of Stolen Hours Knight of Shrouds
Talons and Flensing Knives Krulghast Cruciator
Tomb Greatblade Bladegheist Revenants

Body Parts

Name Wielder
Hooves and Teeth Nightmare, Black Coach

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