Night Runner

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A miniature of a Night Runner.

Night Runners are Skaven that make up the bulk of Clans Eshin. In battle Night Runners scurry ahead of the main army, slinking around enemy flanks and encircle their rear before striking the enemy in their vulnerable spots. Night Runners hurl volleys of throwing stars and sling-stones and then falls upon the panicked enemies with fangs and flashing blades. If the initial attack does not overrun their enemies fast enough the Night Runners will scurry away to strike again from another angle. The leaders are known as Nightleaders.[1][2]

Night Runners are notorious for their low survivability of their troops which is done intentionally by the Eshin to ensure that only the worthy will make it to the ranks of Gutter Runners.[3]


Night Runners carry a variety of Eshin Throwing Weapons including Throwing Stars and Slings. For close quarters they carry Stabbing Blades[1][2]


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