Niara Sydona

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Niara Sydona is a Freeguild sergeant who was captured by Ogors but escaped with the aid of an outcast Stormcast Eternal, Valruss. [1]


It had only taken her three years to reach the rank of Sergeant, whereas her compatriot who had joined with her had stayed in the ranks. She and others of the Freeguild from the city of Concordia were ambushed at the Pass of Jaws by Ogors. Those few who had survived were imprisoned near the fighting pit and matched against various other prisoners and beasts to entertain their captors.[1]

As they dwindled in number, she and the others including Bragga, a duardin from the Kharadron Overlords attempted escape but it was foiled. She and her last comrade Lothran Horst faced the Tyrant himself and Horst was quickly killed. A lightning strike hit the pit, killing Ogors and giving the bitter, outcast Stormcast Eternal Valruss a sign, spurring him to aid her in her fight. Together they killed the massive Ogor and fled in the confusion. Later as they hid in a cave and he tended her wounds, Valruss pledged to help her make it safely back to Concordia. [1]


Because I've a duty, that's why. I swore to Sigmar that I'd fight for those who couldn't. I will choose death with a sword in my hand over any other.

~Niara to Valruss .[1]