Nexus Syphon

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As the exhausted Dawners arrive at the newly founded Sigmarite Strongpoint, a Nexus Syphon powers up with energy.

A Nexus Syphon is a magical construct used by Dawnbringer Crusades to draw raw geomantic energy to power and protect a Sigmarite Strongpoint.[1a][2]


A Nexus Syphon is placed on nexus points, key locations of geomantic arcane power in the ley lines of a realm. These are located using thaumaturgical compasses. This would be the heart of the new settlement and will be assessed and reinforced before the Nexus Syphon is placed.[1a]


The main function of the Nexus Syphon is to extract geomantic energy from the Mortal Realm and channel that power into Guardian Idols that would form a spiritual barrier that protects the settlement from daemons and gheists.[1a] While the bulk of the energy goes to the Guardian Idols some of the energy can be used to provide light or heat in selected areas of the settlement.[3]