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The Necrotopia is the "deathly paradise" envisioned by Nagash, where the living are no more and all that remains is pure, unchanging death.[1a][3b]

Role of the Ossiarch Bonereapers

The Ossiarch Bonereapers are the footsoldiers of Nagash's vision; while other undead may work toward it by their very nature or by the direct command of Nagash,[4a] it is the Ossiarchs who build towards it knowingly and methodically.[1a][1b][2a] The Bone-tithe collected by the Ossiarchs provides both raw materials and eliminates the living from their lands, and their dominion of the Ossiarch Empire shows what would become of the Mortal Realms should Nagash have his way.[3a]

One Ossiarch legion, the Mortis Praetorians, view their role in the creation of the necrotopia to be ensuring that it appears grand and imposing, and spend their time between battles building towering statues and other morbid works of art.[1c]