Nechris Litharge

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Nechris Litharge is a well-known trickster, traveller, and author based in the Twin-Tailed City of Hammerhal.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Nechris Litharge is a well-known personage in the Free City of Hammerhal who has made a career of selling fake shadeglass to the rich denizens of the city. It is believed he has even personally been to Shadespire, or knows people who had, knowing enough to provide a map to and of the city to Seguin Reynar.[1a]

Known Works

He has also written a number of books, many about the city of Shadespire.[1b]

  • Marginalia of a Disordered Mind[1c]
  • Reflections of Eternal Faces[1b]
  • Ruminations Aboard a Twilight Coach[1d]
  • The Black Wisdom[2b]
  • The Canker of Civilization[2a]