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Galanaur, moving city of the Nautilar
Akhelian Guard of Nautilar

The Nautilar Enclave is one the greater enclaves of the Idoneth Deepkin. The people of the enclave are known amongst their kin for their skill in shaping any and all forms of shell and have formed a unique symbiotic relationship with the mighty creature upon which their city resides as well as the other forms of life that inhabit and accompany it. [1c]

Their Tidecasters are skilled in conjuring force domes and shields to protect their homes and people. [1c]

Wraithshell is the favoured armour for a warrior of Nautilar, it is a pale substance that can be shaped and inscribed with beautiful and intricate patterns – often seen on the plate of officers of the enclave. [1e]


Age of Myth

Fleeing from the light of reason of their creator god, Teclis, the Cythai splintered into six factions and sought the deep places of the Mortal Realms. [1a]

Colonists from the powerful enclave of Ionrach established a city, Galanaur in an area of sweeping dunes and debris in the Maithnar Sea in the Realm of Ghyran. [1c]

Age of Chaos

Ionrach is subject to considerable internal strife and nearly a quarter of their people leave to form the Nautilar enclave in Galanaur. [1a]

Later they discover that their sprawling city-state lies atop the shell of a vast creature – a great Scaphodon and eventually the creature will travel to the Realm of Ghur, seeking the warmer waters of the Atleus Ocean. [1c]

The new enclave joined with the Dhom-hain enclave to destroy a powerful Bonesplitter fleet in the Realm of Ghur, killing tens of thousands of orruks. [1a]

Age of Sigmar

A motley Skaven fleet of vermin-infested creatures and unstable submarines attacks the home of the Nautilar, destroying spires and invading the great beast on which their capital is built. For six years the battle rages across the hundreds of miles that the city is spread across. Eventually, High King Volturnos leads Ionrach forces and Stormcast Eternals allies to help relieve the siege. Although the skaven are finally defeated, the damage to the enclave is immense. [1a]

The Necroquake in the Time of Tribulations results in massive assaults on all the deepkin across the realms. [1a]


The Scaph Brigade: A unique unit heavily protected by shells. [1b]


The have control over a number of Whirlways that enable them to move and communicate across the Realms. [1d]


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