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This page contains spoilers for: Court of the Blind King

Namariel is a Namarti dancer of Briomdar who sought to be a queen. [1]


As a néthic dancer her body was painted in purple with gold runes of the old gods Erek, Néthu and Thial and streamers of black algal hair. [1a] Her skin is supple, cool and smooth. [1b] When travelling she favoured a long seaweed kirtle, ribbed with fishbone, a shagreen bodice criss-crossed with pouches and tight straps and a cloak. [1c]


As one of the Néthir she was trained by Isharann chorralus to bear the souls of the dead into the chorrileum and to the embrace of the gods. [1b] She would talk to the dead within the chorrileum, gaining knowledge from those she said ...speak most freely of all. They have nothing nothing else to do. [1c]

She was a dancer at the Assembral where Prince Lurien Soultaker hoped to become ruler of the enclave of Briomdar, but was instead overthrown and imprisoned . [1a]

Namerial visted the young prince in his confinement and offered to free him if he would take her as his queen which he promised, but she bound him with a blood oath to the old gods - Aesha, Athaerti, Drakira, Ladriella, and Mathlann. [1b]


As well as a highly accomplished dancer she is also a talented actress, able to slip in and out of roles with ease. Such roles include a lady's maid, agent of an Embailor or the harressed thrall of a ishratisar perfumer, assuming and discarding personalities at will. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

She carried a ivory coloured Whisperwood Bow. [1c]


The darkness has been good to you, my prince. It is as my isharann master would always preach as he reminded me how fortunate I was to have been born without eyes. I do not care the least who sits on the Jade Throne. Less even than I care whether it is the Everqueen or the Grandfather or Sigmar God-King who rules over the Realm of Life. I am interested in she who will stand beside it

~ Nameriel to Lurien.[1b]


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