Myths & Revenants

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Myths & Revenants (anthology)
Myths & Revenants Cover.jpg
Author(s) Various
Released May 2019
Pages 416
ISBN 13: 978 1 78193 949 9

Myths & Revenants is an anthology published in May 2019 by Black Library.[1]

Cover description[1]

Harrowed by unending wars, few bastions of safety remain in the Age of Sigmar. Even so, the brave – or perhaps foolish – set out to plunder the shadowy corners of the lands. But what terrible curiosity would drive someone to explore the myths of the Mortal Realms? Spoken of only in whispers, it is said that graceful beings come at high tide seeking their due, raiding without provocation. While in Shyish, corpses and kings wander the afterlife, searching for the revenants of lost lovers. And across the flame-scarred plains of Aqshy dauntless Fyreslayers hunt for any remnant of their lost god. No matter their goal, trials beyond endurance are all that await the intrepid.

Myths & Revenants includes following stories set in the Mortal Realms.[1]