Mutalith Vortex Beast

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A Mutalith Vortex Beast being harassed by Bonesplitterz.

Mutalith Vortex Beast are creatures of chaos, betentacled and clawed horrors whose wild magic turns people around them into disturbing fusions of man and beast and other horrific forms. They are abominations of nature, mutated beyond all reason by the powers of Chaos, into terrifying fusions of monster and magic, each one differing in a striking manner. Any of their servants that wishes to use these creatures in combat, risk suffering mutation or madness.[1][2][4][5b]

On its back there is a strange sphere, a blasphemous imitation of a Realmgate and a pulsating vortex of raw Daemonic energy, that echoes the shape of the 8-pointed star and leads to the Realm of Chaos that shoots bolts of great plasmic energy. It's tentacles, nine huge, ichor-dripping tentacles that extend from its mouth, are able to transmute people it touches. A few have tongueless heads, with grimacing maw and growths growing out of its face. They have a ridge pate. It two tails possessed mouths, tongues and claws on their end. It can attack with its claws or maw.[1][2][4][5b]


This creature can be healed by the raw power of Chaos.[5b]

Around them there is aura of mutation that has horrific consequences for those standing in its presences.[5a][5b] Among the known effects are:

  • An hideous disfigurement to the face that makes those who see it more vulnerable to the horrors of war.[5a][5b]
  • Reduces intelligence considerably, making them stagger about blindly, an ailment known as Troggbrains.[5a][5b]
  • Transformation of the legs into limping parodies of their former selves, making them harder to move with their new mutated legs.[5a][5b]
  • Cause the bodies to messily turn inside out, spines grow out and burst from their back or flesh melts and falls of their bones, doing heavy damage.[5a][5b]
  • Transforms its foes into gleaming crystal statues or piles of squirming three-eyed fish.[5a]
  • Blasts minds with the glory of Chaos, reducing the affected to madness.[5a][5b]
  • Breaks and twists groups of enemies into into gibbering heaps of writhing flesh and flailing tentacles, known as Chaos Spawns, or in some cases, heal the Mutalith Vortex Beast instead.[3][5a][5b]
  • Turn into disturbing fusions of man and beast.[1]
  • Transform them into a living statue of sigmarite, which is now immune to the creature's effects.[1]


  • One such beast was found in the Eldritch Fortress in the service of Ephryx. It turned many warriors into disturbing fusions of man and beast. It then tried to destroy Thostos Bladestorm, but his powers turned the Lord-Celestant into a statue of living Sigmarite. Now immune to the creatures's effects it was quickly dispatched by the laughing Stormcast.[1]

Mark of Chaos

These creatures can be marked with the Mark of Tzeentch.[5a]



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